E-book Preview

Mission Through God's Eyes, The

by Weakly, Tracy

Chapter 1

The Mission

The celebration was incredible. The angelic choir had been practicing for ages for this performance. Gabriel had sung a special song he had written. Creatures from other worlds and universes had gathered in celebration and praise. Even the planets and stars seemed to sing a song of hope and adoration.

Yahweh, Yeshua, and El-Shaddai sang a new song with impressive harmony that stirred the hearts of all present. Each listener knew this might be the last time this harmony would ever be heard. The mission was so dangerous, the risk so great, the cost so high. Many wondered, Were they, the inhabitants of planet earth, worth it? Yet, if anyone questioned the mission, one only had to look at the Trinity, for the light, compassion, and love that emanated from them encircled all those present and reached out into the celestial realm beyond. Yes! The descendants of Adam and Eve had to know and experience that incredible, infinite love!

Yahweh, Yeshua, and El-Shaddai stood as the inhabitants of heaven and the other planets said goodbye, hugging them and offering blessings. Gabriel patiently waited until the end. As one of the head angels, he had worked most closely with Yeshua. Grabbing him in an all-encompassing embrace, Yeshua spoke softly, “You will be part of this mission.”

“I know,” Gabriel nodded. “But it will be so different. I will see you, but you …” His voice trailed off, unable to complete the horrific thought. “Oh, Yeshua, I love you.”

Yeshua held him even closer. “I love you too, Gabriel.” Then putting a strong hand on Gabriel’s shoulder, Yeshua added, “It is time for your mission to begin. You have done well in meeting with Zachariah and Elizabeth. Now you must go. Mary is waiting for you, although she does not know it yet.” Yeshua smiled such a contagious grin that Gabriel could not help but smile back. As Gabriel left for his assignment, Yeshua turned to Yahweh and El-Shaddai. “Shall we?”

Utilizing their omnipresence, the Three spent their last few moments revisiting memories since the beginning of time. They laughed as they shared the incredible joy of the creation of a galaxy called the Milky Way, the formation of its different planets and stars, and finally the delicate design of a special planet called earth. Eagerly they shared the times they had spent with Adam and Eve in the garden. They cried together as they talked of the fall, in which Adam and Eve had allowed darkness to invade where light had once reigned, not only in their hearts, but in their world as well. Their agonizing cries told of the pain at the separation of their human friends. They had known that humans might make this choice, so a plan had already been in place before creation had even begun. Death would be a reality for humans, but not an eternal one.

Yahweh, Yeshua, and El-Shaddai clasped hands together in a powerful grip as they mourned for those who had chosen the darkness. They desired that all would find peace in a relationship with them. As they walked among the stars, they recounted cherished memories of those who had accepted their love and friendship: Adam and Eve, Noah, Abraham, Joseph, Moses, David, Daniel—there were so many. After reviewing the past, they journeyed into the future and watched the final events of earth’s history unfold. But for now, the mission must begin.

Hiding their light, they approached the dark blue and green sphere called earth. Entering the atmosphere, they moved toward the small village of Nazareth where a young woman named Mary was talking with Gabriel.

“He is so good with people,” Yahweh said, smiling proudly. “I love watching him work.”

“Yes,” Yeshua agreed. Then turning toward Mary, he looked lovingly into her face. “I have been watching her since she was a baby. I enjoy the times she shares with us in her walks in the fields and hills. Now she has grown to become a beautiful woman.” An amused grin spread across his face. “I have always called her my child, but from now on, I will call her Mother.”

Yahweh nodded at the irony. “It is time,” he said softly. Tears streamed down his face as he grasped Yeshua in a tight embrace. El-Shaddai encircled them, and their tears blended together, making tiny rainbows as they fell. After some time, Yahweh let go and gripped Yeshua’s hands in his. Looking into each other’s eyes, Yeshua spoke, “I love you, Father,” he said. His smile matched that of Yahweh’s. “I will be calling you that now. Abba Father.”

Yahweh nodded. “And I will call you Son—you are my beloved son.” Yahweh gripped Yeshua’s shoulders. “I love you too, Son.” They embraced one last time. Then they began the transformation.

Light encircled them as the creation of the body of the Creator began. The Three had worked on the pattern together. Carefully combining divinity with humanity, they wove together cellular structures into a perfectly formed egg. Yahweh gently held the tiny egg in his hand. El-Shaddai nodded. They looked around as amazed angels had gathered to watch, breathless and awed. “I love you, Son,” Yahweh said softly as he handed the divine egg to El-Shaddai. Filling the egg with his presence, El-Shaddai placed it into Mary’s womb. Yahweh lingered. Placing his hand on Mary, he whispered, Take good care of him for me. I love him very much. Then Yahweh joined El-Shaddai as the angels sang while accompanying them back to the throne room in heaven. Yahweh and El-Shaddai joined in the anthem, blending together in both sadness and joy, for the third part of their harmony was now missing.

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Here is the Table of Contents of the complete book:

Chapter 1 The Mission
Chapter 2 The Mission Is Born
Chapter 3 The Mission Matures
Chapter 4 The Mission Begins
Chapter 5 The Mission of God’s Kingdom
Chapter 6 Mission of Hope
Chapter 7 Mission of Power
Chapter 8 Mission to the Unwanted
Chapter 9 The Final Mission Begins
Chapter 10 The Mission Unfolds
Chapter 11 The Mission Challenged
Chapter 12 The Mission Completed
Chapter 13 The Mission Triumphant
Chapter 14 The Mission Continues