Ordination of Women, The
Voerman, Jan

Can you understand algebra if you have never learned basic addition? Can you write a book if you have never constructed a simple sentence? In order to understand complex things, we must go back to the beginning and learn the basics.

The same principle can be applied to our understanding of biblical truths. When looking at the complex issue of women’s ordination, it is important to examine the beginning of God’s Word. Pastor Jan Voerman’s analysis of the Genesis account of Creation and the fall of Adam and Eve more than strengthens an unpopular argument for the restoration of the traditional roles of men and women in society.

In addition to studying the Old and New Testaments in regards to this topic, Pastor Voerman also draws from the writings of the early church fathers and Ellen G. White. The Ordination of Women: The Priesthood of All Believers and Other Aspects presents a surprisingly refreshing outlook on a complex subject that encourages readers to return to their biblical roots as “people of the book.”