Beyond Jacob's Ladder The Simplicity of Salvation
Carscallen, Lois K.

As Jacob lay sleeping with his head on a rock pillow, he dreamed of a ladder reaching to heaven with angels ascending and descending. The dream provided Jacob with a glimpse of the redeeming work of Jesus and His desire to connect heaven and earth and save us from our sins.

Beyond Jacob’s Ladder: The Simplicity of Salvation by Lois Carscallen will help you realize just how simple salvation can be by examining different “ladders” throughout the Bible that help us, as Christians, to connect with heaven on our spiritual journey.

  • Jacob’s ladder will teach you to trust God’s promises and start a relationship with Him.
  • Peter’s ladder highlights the gifts from God.
  • God’s ladder emphasizes the importance of the Ten Commandments.
  • Jesus’ ladder discusses the hardships God’s people may endure.
  • Paul’s ladder talks about embodying the fruit of the Spirit.
  • God’s Creation ladder examines the beginning of humanity.
  • John and Moses’ ladder provide understanding about the sanctuary message.

Interwoven are key quotes from Ellen White that illuminate Carscallen’s points and provide a deeper understanding of what each step on the ladder means. Just as God spoke to Jacob in a dream, He speaks to us by words written in the Bible. Using the Bible as Beyond Jacob’s Ladder’s backbone, Carscallen will help you find security and comfort when holding on to the true Ladder that connects us to heaven—Christ.


“As I read Beyond Jacob’s Ladder, I was impressed by Lois’ unique ability to weave her personal life experiences with meaningful quotations and precious Bible texts into a faith-affirming tapestry so easy to understand.” Sue Patzer, Women’s Ministries Director and Early Childhood Education and Care Coordinator, North Pacific Union Conference of Seventh-day Adventists