Thy Will Be Done God's Purpose in My Life
Isaacs, Alexander

How does one know the will of God? For many people, the will of God seems to be a neverending quest to uncover an illusive mystery. But for Alexander Isaacs, knowing the will of God is a way of life.

Born and raised in Guyana, Alexander’s early years were met with family tragedy and hardship. Through hard work and determination, he grew and thrived, especially in the classroom. Then, when he learned about God through a Branch Sabbath School program, his life changed. But what next? What should he do with his life? What career should he pursue? In what capacity should he serve God? Did God have a plan for his life?

The questions of life were before him, and he wisely sought God’s guidance for his life. Through prayer and fasting, Alexander waited for God to reveal His will for his life. And God did not let him down. Time and time again, Alexander has asked God for direction when faced with life decisions. And time and time again, God has led Alexander in the path he should go.

Be inspired. Be motivated. Be encouraged. But above all, learn how to exercise faith in God’s leadings after reading the story of a man who was willing to say, Thy Will Be Done.