Mary Martha's Really Truly Stories: Book 3
Hayden, Gwendolen Lampshire

"Is it a true story?" is the perennial query of children at their mother or father's knee. These well-told thrilling tales about real children by Mrs. Hayden will fascinate both young and old through the practical lesson of life they teach. The virtues of obedience, trust, diligence, unselfishness, and high idealism are reflected in the lives of people who march across the pages of this book. Full of stirring and hair-raising adventures, these exciting stories will be often read and reread.

The following stories are featured in this book:

  • The Hooded Death
  • A Dinner of Herbs
  • Indians!
  • Locked in a Mountain
  • "Stay-Alive Johnny"
  • Swift Waters
  • The Strength of an Ox
  • Flashing Fangs
  • Desert Capture
  • Terror on the Trestle
  • Fire in the Night
  • Roundup from the Sky