Storm Within, A
Vance, Esther

Life was anything but idyllic for Esther as a child. She grew up in Honduras in a small home built from driftwood collected along the beach from shipwrecks. With ten children in the house, food was scarce. But what her family lacked in material possessions, they made up for in love and a deep faith in God.

At the tender age of seven, Esther was sent to live with a couple to work as their housemaid. What was done in love to provide Esther with food and better living accommodations turned into a twelve-year nightmare of physical and verbal abuse—something she kept hidden from her parents out of respect for their instruction to obey her employer.

When Esther secured her freedom, she turned away from God and decided to do things her way. Sadly, her decisions led to more heartache and trials. The freedom she sought ended in other forms of slavery. Could she ever find true freedom? Did God hold the answer?

Journey with Esther as she recounts her childhood, the lessons her parents taught her, her quest to come to America, two abusive marriages, and God’s never-failing love and forgiveness in A Storm Within. Although her life has been battered by many storms, God has always been beside her.