God Makes a Way
Mbaluka, Susan

Susan Mbaluka grew up in a small village in Kenya. Her Christian mother taught her to rely on God and shun the superstitious practices of the witchdoctor. Many times throughout her early childhood, Susan faced unthinkable danger and hardships, but she sought to develop a faith in God like her mother.
As she drew closer to God and deepened her relationship with Him, little did she know how the devil would try to kill her, discourage her, tempt her, and torment her as she sought to serve God.
What did Susan do when she learned about the Sabbath? How did she obtain an education when her family was so poor? What happened when she was faced with death threats? How did she cope with loneliness when she had to be separated from her husband and children for years?
Journey with Susan as she shares her life story and testimony to God’s faithfulness and protection for her and her family. God’s promises are true! Read God Makes a Way today!