Enchanted Pillowcase, The and Other Stories
Edwards, Josephine Cunnington

Looking at Lena, slim, lithe, and pretty, his taste for the Tonga girls were spoiled. They were fond of boring holed in their lips and putting in wooden discs till the holes in their lip flapped like a curtain when they were champing on mealies. Then they were contented with little cloth flaps hanging down "fore and aft" for dresses, not a quarter of a yard at all. How could he go back to that?
The Enchanted Pillowcase is a timeless collection of true-to-life missionary stories for all ages. These exciting adventures are perfect for reading for a rainy day, Sabbath afternoon or as a bedtime story. Both children and parents alike will be taken into the mission field first-hand by the written word to be both entertained and encouraged by stories of character, faith and learning.