Biblical Forgiveness Are There Two Types?
Foucher, Raymond

Forgiveness—the word instantly evokes emotion of some type. Negative emotions for those who have struggled to forgive a terrible wrong done to them or for those who have been denied forgiveness by someone they have wronged. Positive feelings for those who have experienced the relief that comes from granting forgiveness or from being forgiven of their own offenses. But what is biblical forgiveness? What really happens when God forgives us? Do we have to beg Him for forgiveness before He will grant it?

This study examines words from Hebrew and Greek that are translated as “forgiveness” in the Bible. As you explore the true meaning of this process we call forgiveness, you will learn just what happens on each side, what each party is responsible for, and how God feels about forgiving you. Allowing the Bible to interpret itself will give you a genuine understanding of this essential, yet often misconstrued concept.

This understanding has helped many to realize that they truly are forgiven and to have their feelings of guilt and shame removed.