Hope for the Future
Davis, Neva F

Do you ever sit and imagine what the new earth will be like where we will live for eternity? Have you pictured what your home will be like and the scenery that will surround it?

There is so much to look forward to when Christ returns and takes us home with Him! The Bible gives us glimpses of the joy we will experience and the relief from pain and suffering. It even describes some of the scenes of heaven, such as the streets of gold, the tree of life, and the sea of glass. But the Bible does not give us specific information about our homes or the towns that will be built on the new earth.

Hope for the Future: The New Earth is the product of Neva Davis’ imagination combined with the biblical facts we know about the home that awaits those who love Christ. Enjoy the vivid word pictures she paints as you tour the new earth, meet new people, listen firsthand to stories from the beginning of time, and explore the town that is now your home.

As you read this story, you will long for the future that is yet to come!