Entering and Maintaining a Lasting Relationship with God
Gavaza, Paul

Many Christians emphasize Jesus’ second coming as the event that will usher in our heavenly life with God, but in the meantime, here on earth, they neglect to nurture their relationship with God, not realizing that if they do not enjoy Christ’s company and fellowship now, they cannot expect to enjoy it in heaven. A heart united with God will not be among the gifts Christ can grant when He returns; it is something that must take place before He comes. We can only love and follow Christ in heaven if we love and follow Him now.

Entering and Maintaining a Lasting Relationship With God: A Christian Experience is your guide to understanding the importance of intimately connecting with our wonderful Savior on earth in preparation for heaven. We are created for relationships, and our most important relationship, first and foremost, is with God. As with all relationships, maintaining a lasting relationship with God—or abiding in God—is a two-way street. In order for your relationship with God to progress and flourish, you need to be an active participant.

This book discusses topics such as righteousness and perfection in Christ, falling and rising again in your walk with God, and the ingredients needed to grow in that walk and in that eternally important relationship. Read about these and other components of a fruitful Christian life to prepare for Jesus’ soon coming.