Highly Committed The Captivating Story of the Wilson Family
Williams, DeWitt S

The most important legacy a person can leave behind is reflected in the lives they touch for Christ during their lifetime. After serving the Seventh-day Adventist Church for more than 100 years in different capacities, the Wilson family has left quite a legacy that continues on today.

The legacy began when William Henry Wilson gave his heart to the Lord after hearing Ellen White preach at a camp meeting in California. Although his time on earth was short, he dedicated himself to studying God’s word, and before he passed away, he asked his sons to promise him that they would commit their lives to serving the church. Nathaniel Wilson gave his word that he would serve the Lord, and he did so in a mighty way, working in various conferences in the States and serving overseas in Africa, Asia, Australia, and India. Neal C. Wilson carried his father’s legacy forward and served in the Middle East and North America before accepting the call to lead the world church. Along the way, Neal mentored his son, Ted N. C. Wilson, who followed in his father’s footsteps and ministered in Africa, Russia, and currently at the General Conference as president of the Adventist Church.

Four generations of Wilsons, along with their wives and families, have stood firm in their commitment to God and their church. Highly Committed traces the history of the Wilson family from William Henry and Isabella Wilson through Ted N. C. and Nancy Wilson. Their family’s story is one of providential guidance and unwavering commitment.

May you be blessed as you read the story of this God-fearing family, and may you be inspired to commit your life to following God and making a difference for the kingdom!