Angry Rebel
Naggyah, Ned

Ned Naggyah went from being in a street gang and not caring about life to becoming a devout Hindu who hated Christians to giving his heart to Jesus and joining the Seventh-day Adventist Church! Sounds extreme, right? Not for a God who loves to meet us where we are at and lead us until we are ready to make a stand for Him. God had a plan for Ned’s life way before Ned knew it. Read about how God protected Ned during his teen and young adult years when he felt more at home with a dagger than a Bible. Then read about how a special woman, who became Ned’s wife, helped him to see that there was more to life than fighting. Finally, marvel at the way that God pricked Ned’s conscience and prepared him for His church and a life of service. "Angry Rebel" is the story of Ned Naggyah’s journey from the street and a life of evil to the kingdom and a life of peace.