Wayward Journey
Arakawa, Richard Hidenobu

Hide-chan entered a world of turmoil when he was born in Japan in 1944. World War II was in full swing, but that would not be the event that would rock his little world. The death of his father soon after his birth impacted his life more so than the war as his mom became a single mother and sole provider for her newborn son.
Despite the rough start to life, Hide-chan experienced many joys after moving to Hawaii where he and his mom began a new life. But his world changed again when his mom remarried, and he was adopted by his stepdad and renamed Ronald.
In the midst of all the ups and downs of life, while Ronald was in college he found the Lord. Through a Bible correspondence course, Ronald's world took another turn, but this time for the better. After finding the Lord, all was not smooth sailing, but now Ronald had a Captain who he trusted to charter his course through life.
Walk with Ronald through the trials and joys of his life in Wayward Journey. Read about answered prayers and angel encounters, marital challenges and unfailing commitment, and gambling addictions and faithful tithing. Through it all, read about God's faithfulness and His mercy toward one of His children.