Faith for These End-Times
Buller, Jim

What caused Noah to build the ark when he had never seen rain? Faith! What caused Abraham to move to a land he had never seen before? Faith! What caused the centurion to believe that Jesus could heal his servant? Faith! How does God want His children to live their lives? By faith!
Faith for These End-Times examines numerous stories of faith recorded in the pages of God’s Word for insight into how we can develop a strong faith for today and the future.
Through faith God’s people will emerge victorious over Satan, but we must be ready lest we be like the five foolish virgins who, although they waiting for the bridegroom, were not really ready to meet him.
Faith for These End-Times will strengthen your faith through the study of God’s Word and the Spirit of Prophecy to prepare for Christ’s soon coming. Develop your faith today; it is all you will have in the end!