Unconventionality of Church Leadership, The It Works
Guiste, Earlington W

If you were to ask a room full of CEOs what the most important leadership trait is for an executive officer, most would share such attributes as authoritative, decisive, knowledgeable, dedicated, tough, tactical, and dominant. It is doubtful that any would say humility.

The challenge for many churches today is that church officers and leaders are trained to think in terms of secular leadership practices, which are often void of servility. The Unconventionality of Church Leadership: It Works examines current business leadership principles and compares them with the exemplary leadership practices that Jesus displayed while here on earth.

By implementing a shepherd-servant leadership model in our churches and executing a strategic plan that engages and utilizes the talents of all members, Earlington Guiste seeks to inspire church members and leaders to carry out the great commission and fulfill the organismic nature of God’s church.