Picking Up the Pieces Stories of Encouragement for Mending Hearts
Thompson, Gracie

Life came to a screeching halt the day her son completed suicide. Time seemed to stand still. For days and weeks she cried rivers of tears. Lost in her grief and searching for answers to questions that will never be fully answered this side of eternity, she cried out to God for comfort.

Slowly, surely, patiently, and lovingly, God is leading Gracie down the road to recovery through study of His Word. He prompted her to begin writing, and as she poured out her heart, she found that healing began. Sometimes carried, but always supported, she has argued with God, wrestled with Him, leaned on Him, and ultimately remains wrapped in His loving arms of grace as He travels with her along this mind-numbing journey.

With years separating her from the tragedy that changed her life forever, she offers hope to those struggling to breathe after the loss of a loved one to suicide. Picking Up the Pieces: Stories of Encouragement for Mending Hearts is a series of thought-provoking short stories that seek to remind others dealing with loss that they are not alone. God is with them.