Long Road to Grace, The Confessions of a Slow Learner
Nichols, Merlin

Merlin Nichols tried to make it on his own. He worried about his salvation and whether he was good enough. Perhaps like you or someone you know, he preached, held church offices, and was outwardly faithful to the church, but he was spiritually dead. That is, until Paul’s message of grace to the Ephesians hit him between the eyes and changed him forever.

The Long Road to Grace: Confessions of a Slow Learner is an in-depth examination of Ephesians and its timeless message of grace that was needed in the early Christian church and is needed today. With a passion for helping the spiritually dead come back to life, Merlin examines the letter Paul wrote to Ephesus in light of the Bible as a whole. Taking the letter verse by verse, in the author’s own words, and sharing stories from his life experiences, you will discover new insights into Paul’s powerful message of the saving grace of Jesus Christ and the life-changing transformation that takes place when one fully submits to God.