Brightbeams of Jesus Among the Burning Sands
Ritchie, Ilissa

It was fun playing on the sand dunes in the cool of the morning, but by noon when the sun was shining in all its fury, the sand scorched her feet. But Ilissa Ritchie couldn't go inside, for her mother forbade her and Ilissa's sister, Helen, from coming inside during the day.

Ilissa grew up with an alcoholic mother and parents who yelled at each other and eventually got a divorce. Throw in a brother who tried to sexually abuse his sisters, and you can see the chaos that abounded in young Ilissa's life. Fortunately, life took a positive turn in high school when she was introduced to Jesus.

Brightbeams of Jesus Among the Burning Sands is a story of sadness and secrets and God's love and protection of His children, especially those who come from scared backgrounds and feel unlovable.