End Time Look at God's Redemption Plan, An
Carrington=Cox, Lynette

Every now and then a new book is released and people stand in long lines with great anticipation, some even camp outside the bookstore overnight waiting to purchase a copy. Television news sometimes captures the pictures of people pushing and shoving into the stores to get their hands on that book, and within a few days they have read every line.
As I look at these lines of people, I have often thought, "Now what book could get me so excited that I would stand in line for hours to get a copy and then lose sleep trying to read every word?" It would have to be a book filled with essential, long lasting, lifesaving information. Its author has to be lovable and all-knowing and the information has to be crucial to my existence now and in the future.
Then the thought flashes through my mind, there is such a book available free, for the asking, but there are no long lines of eager excited people waiting to get their hands on it. Is it possible that most people really do not know what is in this book?
This book is none other than the Bible. The Bible is the most important book that has been written and the most important book that we will ever read.
This book reveals the history of God's plan of redemption.