Secrets and Mysteries of the Lost Ark
Hoffer, James

The world is full of secular mysteries that cannot be explained or solved, yet people spend hours and hours researching, studying, and asking questions in an effort to find the answer to life’s greatest secrets. Sadly, the mysteries of the Bible, which can be solved through study and prayer, are often ignored.

Secrets and Mysteries of the Lost Ark walks you through a study of the ark of the covenant and the sanctuary, two important components of our Christian faith. Designed for individual use or as a group Bible study or church seminar, the twelve lessons in this study guide will prompt you to dive into the Word of God and uncover the truths that Jesus has placed within its pages.

“Pastor James Hoffer is to be commended for writing about the sanctuary through this unique study method. This book unfolds the importance of the sanctuary message. I recommend this study to every Seventh-day Adventist.” Norman R. Gulley, Ph.D., research professor in systematic theology, Southern Adventist University

“Secrets and Mysteries of the Lost Ark is excellent for new church members and serves as a wakeup-call for those who may have neglected the message that God has given to His last day church.” Richard W. O’Ffill, revivalist and author

“Many Adventists know so little about the sanctuary and our doctrines about it or their meanings. This could start a revival in those who read and study it.” Carol Zarska, director, Mountain Refuge Family Ministries, and speaker on the subjects of the sanctuary and prayer

“This is a creative, clear, concise study that shows how our fundamental beliefs can be traced back to the sanctuary. A heart-warming and inspiring journey to be sure.” Dave Turner, participant in the first public seminar for this book