Love Me Until I Die
Schramm, Daniel

“I know my mother has lived a long life, but it’s still hard to watch her waste away.
I want her to feel loved, but I’m not sure what to say or do. I just feel awkward around her.”

“I’m tired of everyone tiptoeing around me because I’m dying!
I’m too young to die, but I can’t change the fact that I have a terminal illness.
I just want to be loved and enjoy life while I still have time!”

Death. Whether you are the one who is dying or you are the one saying goodbye, we dread the one event in life that is eventually inevitable. How does one cope with the unavoidable? How does one experience peace at the end of life? How does one love when time is short?

Love Me Till I Die is written from the perspective of someone who is dying. Penned by Daniel Schramm, a hospice chaplain with years of experience working with those who are dying and their families, this short work provides valuable advice for family members, friends, caregivers, and healthcare workers as to the desires of someone who is dying. Our greatest longing is to love and be loved, especially at the end of life. This book gives voice to this yearning.