Angels at Pincher Creek
Tupper, Mabel

Do miracles like those found in the pages of the Bible still happen today? Mabel Tupper didn’t think so. She was sure that the Bible miracles were true, but she didn’t think God acted in that way anymore.

Then one night at a conference Mabel found herself listening to a little old woman share about some angels who had walked beside her the previous week! Mabel tucked that story away in her heart for several years. Little by little, and then more and more often, she heard stories of people who experienced direct answers to prayer in their times of need, often through the involvement of angels. Each story was carefully filed away.

By the time Mabel retired, she had fat file folders full of stories proving that God still intervenes in the lives of His servants here on earth. Angels at Pincher Creek contains many of the stories that filled those folders. As you read, you will marvel at God’s providence and protection in the lives of His children around the globe.