Fruit Gems A Collection of Fruit Recipes
McAdams, Bella

Nectarine pound cake. Creamy blackberry pie. Baked pears and raspberry fondue. Zesty peach soup. Apple harvest casserole. Watermelon Slush. Is your mouth watering yet? It should be!

Fruit Gems: A Collection of Fruit Recipes contains more than 100 recipes featuring raw, baked, chilled, and grilled fruits in the following categories:

• Cakes
• Bars and Cookies
• Pies
• Puddings and Mousses
• Soups and Compotes
• Baked and Broiled Fruit Dishes
• Breakfast Fruit Treats
• Smoothies, Sorbets, and Drinks
• Relishes and Salads
• Miscellaneous Desserts and Snacks

Try a new recipe today! Your friends and family will thank you when they taste these refreshing and delicious fruit dishes!