Joy in the Night Stops along the Journey of an Itinerant Preacher
West, Don R.

Sometimes life breaks us. Sometimes we find ourselves lost in all the hurt and confusion we have to live with every day. Sometimes it feels as though we cannot possibly endure another moment. And sometimes we find ourselves so low that we literally weep through the night. King David was familiar with and spoke often of this pain. However, he also knew of a greater hope—a hope that has the ability to lift our spirits as we wait for the coming joy in the morning.

Joy in the Night shares ten of Don Rodney West’s most popular sermons, which he has presented around the world. From Jamaica to Mexico to New York, Pastor West provides the background information as to the location of his sermon and the reason for choosing each topic before diving into the sermon. Written with humor and compassion yet not lacking in seriousness and truth, Pastor West delves into ten different concepts, all of which reflect not only the joy we may experience in the morning but also the joy we can find in the night in the midst of our trials.