Truth or Tradition
Leno, Lester

Many of us, both Christians and non-Christians alike, hold deeply engrained erroneous beliefs about God. Because of the prevalent views of our culture, and what we have grown up hearing, we often buy into one or more of the false “truths” that have circulated for centuries.

Whatever the belief system, it determines what we think God is like, how we relate to Him, how we think He relates to us, and how we think salvation works. Thus, a saving relationship with God and our eternal destiny depend on a belief system solidly based on truth. In the light of Scripture, Les Leno examines the most basic tenets of Christianity—the law, obedience, sin, salvation, atonement, legalism, faith, and the gospel—to uncover the real truth that lies hidden beneath layers of tradition and misinterpretation.

As you read this book, you will discover a God who loves sinners unconditionally, who comes looking for us when we are afraid to be found, and who paid the ultimate price to win us back to love and loyalty. Perhaps you will meet God for the first time. Or maybe your faith in and love for God will be reaffirmed. Whatever the case, discover for yourself what is Truth or Tradition.