Beneath the Cashew Tree
DaSilva, Lindaura

Life on a cacao farm in Brazil was full of adventure, especially when you were the youngest of seven children. Lily, the baby of the family, didn’t have a swing set or lots of toys to play with, but she didn’t need those things, because she had a farm to explore, animals to play with, and a beautiful cashew tree in her front yard to climb in and play and dream under. Lily felt safe when she played under her favorite tree—all seemed right with the world when she sat beneath its outstretched branches.

Beneath the Cashew Tree is a children’s chapter book that draws readers into the story of the Justo family and the Good Vision Farm. It is a story of harvest time and thieves, of hard work and sacrifice, of learning about God and trusting in Him to take care of you. It is a story about the comfort of home.