Right Arm, The Health, Diet, and the Bible for Today
Hasselmeier, Jerry P

God gave Adam and Eve the perfect diet in the Garden of Eden. But after the fall, everything changed. Sin entered the world, and humanity’s diet slowly morphed over time, especially after the introduction of meat into the diet following the flood.

Our diet affects our health and impacts how we think. Daniel refused to eat from the king’s table because he sought to follow God’s health principles, and he knew the importance of a clear mind,especially in light of his position as a prisoner of Babylon.

The Right Arm examines God’s original diet as set forth at Creation. The book also chronicles the path of God’s people throughout history and the prophecies that God gave for the end of the world. Author Jerry Hasselmeier proposes that as we prepare for Christ’s second coming we need to have a clear mind and return to God’s original diet as set forth in the Garden of Eden.