Adventist Heritage of Health, Hope, and Healing
Andress, William C

In mid-1800s America, in a milieu where thousands were dying prematurely from tuberculosis, dysentery, yellow fever, cholera, diphtheria, smallpox, and even malaria, God raised up a people with a salvific message, both physically and spiritually. In Adventist Heritage of Health, Hope, and Healing, readers will be spellbound by stories of:

  • The fledgling Western Health reform Institute which became the largest health care institute of its kind.
  • The $5,000 miracle that led to the founding of Loma Linda University Medical Center, one of the nation's premier medical facilities in southern California.
  • The China Doctor, Grandma Whitney, and the humble academician with three doctorate degrees, who have influenced thousands through an integration of practical religion and health.
  • The prophetic Comprehensive Health Vision that outlines a 10-step program for adding years to your life.

"In this book, Dr. Andress explores little known historical connections that coalesce into a persuasive case for a Christian theology of healing and wellness. Throughout the book, personal anecdotes and illustrations provide a vivid and tangible portrait of a man seeking to better understand and live out the divine plan for health of body, mind, and soul. A compelling work."—John Wesley Taylor V, Ph.D Professor of education, philosophy, and research, Southern Adventist University

"If 'The health should be as sacredly guarded as the character' (Child Guidance, page 342), then this volume is as valuable as any work in theology. It is the heritage of all God's children to be healthy."—Arthur Mallon, teacher, author, and evangelist