About Us

About SearchHimSearchHim grew out of an idea to incorporate technology into witnessing. We were encouraged to begin the project from growing interest and demand for uplifting e-books that point people to Jesus. Along the way we have discovered that this simple project is much more than a few paperback books converted into electronic files; it really is the discovery that these works change peoples' lives on a daily basis.

Many of the missionaries who use our books are known as literature evangelists, persons who spread the good news of a crucified and risen Savior through literature. Many of these literature evangelists have every tool available to them except for the most emerging form of literature—e-books.

After months of planning, SearchHim.com went live on May 20, 2012. Most of the visitors to this site are those who have met a literature evangelist, but there is no telling how far of an influence this site will have in the future.

The name SearchHim was chosen because our single mission is to provide uplifting, encouraging, and thought-provoking literature to readers. We believe that the books we provide are a valuable resource that will bring others to a better knowledge of Jesus and enable them to meet Him face to face at His second coming. Our single goal is to allow everyone an opportunity to Search Him, Jesus Christ.

As you browse the Web site, we hope you are blessed and find the resources valuable to your life. If you have any suggestions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.