Our mission at SearchHim is to provide uplifting, encouraging and thought provoking literature to the average reader. We believe that the books and resources we provide are a valuable resource to bringing others to a better knowledge of Jesus and prepare them to be able meet Him face to face at His second coming.

Our vision is to see many people touched and changed by our literature. Families, friends, loved ones, and even enemies will benefit from the helpful information we provide through this website. Each person that is able to obtain some of our books will be touched and our goal is for everyone to have the opportunity to SearchHim.

The reason we exist is to give people a better alternative and to bring them into a real relationship with Jesus Christ. He cared for people physically, emotionally and spiritually and we want to do the same. We believe that everyday we have an opportunity to do this and the reason for SearchHim is to accomplish it.

Divine Appointment

Student Leader and Lite­rature Evangelist Lincoln Balfour tells the story of how he met a local news TV station's meteorologist. The books Peace Above the Storm and a healthy cook­book were the books she was interested in. Speaking of the experience, he asked her how it was to hear so much bad news every day. She said that when she leaves the news room she tries to leave all of it there. He believes that it was a divine appointment that they met and mentioned to us that he hopes to see her in Christ's kingdom through the ministry of the books he left with her.

Door to Door

This week, our student Literature Evangelists started canvassing in the southern Hagerstown, MD area, going door-to-door witnessing with life-saving literature such as Steps to Christ and healthy cookbooks to fund their studies while ministering to those who have yet to enjoy the word of the Lord.

Our team of 22 students headed by John W. from South Carolina and should be completed in approximately 11 days.

Paying Their Way Through School

Many of our team members are paying their way through school while spreading the word of the Lord to those in need.
   Most educational insti­tu­tions offer matching funds for the donations that they receive during their summer work. This makes their effort and long hours pay off.

These students are looking forward to becoming medical workers, teachers, evangelists and other fine occupations to help build America back its spiritual foundations.